Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Set Of Older Grills

This was chicken and shrimp, obviously. My fiancee told me she really wanted to have some chicken that was butterflied, I dont know If she liked it cause it cooked in less time or what. I, myself, enjoy butterflied chicken, I think It brings a different style to the chicken, and gives a moistness that for some reason you cant get out of a full piece of chicken. Butterflying is also, obviously, pretty on the eyes.. and leaves for a great presentation. I put just a regular chicken rub on her piece, and threw dill, tony cheshires, salt, pepper (i think thats it) on my piece. The shrimp was just for fun and eats, Also threw some tonys on the shrimp. As you can see, these were some pretty large pieces of chicken.. they were delioucious. I got 5 pounds for 14.15 from a local butcher. Very very good meat. I cant wait to try some more from them!

Cornished hens. I made these for my fiancee the night I proposed and they were delicious. On that night I just shoved a beer can up the ass, set it on a sheet and slid it in the oven. This time I took a different approach. I love cornished hens for their flavor, its almost like a sweeter, and richer flavored chicken than just your normal chicken. I took a sweet and smokey rub I got from walmart and rubbed it all over these, and to me, it was probably the best thing I've cooked with that rub on it. A very good mix of sweet, could definitely taste the cinnamon, and smokey, which I believe was probably paprika. Definitely a favorite of mine!!

This was our first grill. This was the first thing I ever cooked on my grill. This was cooked on the gas side.. Seemingly to me, was and is the only time I have used that side for cooking, we rarely use our gas side, and when we do its for warming. I've become a believer in charcoal, the flavor, the way it cooks, tastes, smells, the whole nine yards! This was a very good meal though, Tilapia and Salmon, cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, and ate perfectly.

This is my grill now. There is a before picture somewhere down there. I added the smoker box alittle less than a month ago. It was much much needed. I wanted it immediately following my first butt cook. This grill really is a great grill, I dont think I'll ever run in to any problems. Its beautiful!!!

This piece of meat sort of became a joke between me and some friends. I bought a piece of London Broil, a good 13-15 dollar piece of meat, for 5 bucks at Ingles, which if you live near me, is definitely the way to go, their meat selection is amazing! I marinaded this piece of meat on a thursday night. I rubbed it in 2-3 of my favorite rubs and marinaded it in dales. It didnt get cooked til the next tuesday. I figured it had gone bad but I wanted to give it a chance, I mean it is London Broil afterall!! It actually came out amazing, flavor was beautiful, cooked about medium to medium-well. Everyone enjoyed this.

This right here is the reason I bought the smoker. I read on http://www.grillersindex.com/ how easy it is to smoke pork, and make pulled pork. And If you live in the south, and are alive and breathing, you have to love you some pulled pork! Being alittle hesitant at the same time, seeing as this was a venture for me, I went to walmart to pick up some groceries, and saw a Boston Butt. It was about 10 bucks, wasnt to over the top for a first cook, so I picked it up and figured what the hell. I rubbed it down with some bbq spices and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

The next morning at about 10:30 I started up the grill, got it to a good 180-220, and let it smoke. I threw on jack daniels chips 1-2 times an hour to give it a really good smokey taste, and I hoped for what everyone hopes for when cooking bbq, and more importantly, cooking pulled pork, a good smoke ring! At about 5 that afternoon, I pulled it off the grill, chopped it up into big pieces, and threw it into our food processor. It was amazingly delicious, great smokey flavor with a rich pork flavor. I cannot wait for my next try!!!

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