Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Grilled Potato Packs"

This is pretty much what I wanted to accomplished and hoped it would come out looking like. A very beautiful aray of colors beforehand left me very hopeful, I knew something good was going to come out of this. I sprayed the pan with PAM to make sure there was no sticking on the bottom.. Put potatoes in and then tossed them in parsley and oregano. I then pour mushrooms over top and mixed in. After I did this I noticed I didnt put enough spices on potatoes, I figured this was ok, I just wanted to get potatoes covered with some spice before I tossed everything together. So I mixed in mushrooms. I diced up half a onion into medium-small pieces and mixed that in. I cut up 3 jalapenos and mixed that in. I put in about a cup of corn and mixed that in for color, and for another veggie. I added my imported Italian and Mozzarella stuffed sausage on top, and gave it all one big mix. After I had the right mix in my mind, I covered it all in olive oil, and gave it another big mix. I let this cook in the grill for about 2 hours at 300. It has a very good smokey grilled taste to it. This was definitely a "great success!"

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