Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ribs, on the barbie!

Tonights try at ribs.. went better than I thought it was going to after what I walked in on.. I rubbed these ribs last night in the basic homemade bbq rub.. They actually have a very beautiful color and look to them. Definitely thought this already starting off good. The rub gave it great color letting it sit overnight!

So I filled my charcoal chimney up with charcoal and let it start.. I poured it out after about 15 minutes and cleared a while for my drip pan. I closed the grill and impatiently waited for 300 to hit.. Well my mistake, after having lid shut for 2-3 minutes I got rushy, and put a few logs of wood on.. Boom 300 in about 30 seconds.. so I went in, grabbed my ribs, threw them on, and walked away with my temp at 300. After about 15 minutes I wanted to check temp and make sure everything was going well, and then i noticed it. Almost 450 degrees. This picture was taken about 35-40 minutes into the cook. I was alittle worried, but figured what the hell, they'll just
cook quicker, and I might lose out on the fall off the bone part of ribs. And that I definitely did. They were good, but definitely not moist enough, not fall off the bone enough, but definitely cooked through. Took less than an hour to cook this rack of ribs, which scared me.. I knew I screwed up big time.

After I sauced them up I had alittle more hope, they actually looked pretty decent. And that they were.. had a great taste to them, my rub is definitely a great success. Now I just got to work on the fall off the bone aspect. But I believe that to be from the high heat, and maybe not being cooked long enough.. Once again, I only cooked them for alittle over an hour, If even an hour.

The taste was great, but I did slather these ribs last night, and I had salt in my rub.. So I got a pretty salty tasting rib.. not overbearing, but definitely had a salty taste to them.

I wouldnt call these a failure, but they arent the best. I can say I am definitely getting better, and am happy I can point out my mistake.

What was I thinking putting wood on charcoal without letting them catch fire?

Of course a fire in the grill is going to lead to a high temperature spike!

Oh well, next time the ribs are getting smoked at a very low temperature for a very long period of time.

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