Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting Bobby Flay

What a great day.

My beautiful wife got together with my family and bought me a VIP ticket meet and greet with Bobby Flay, which included a cook book, a chefs jacket, front row seating to the cooking show, all access to the VIP Chill lounge, and pretty much access to any area of the Cobb Galleria I wanted to go in.

Around Noon we had to meet up in the Chill lounge and a worker took us to a room where Bobby was just standing waiting. We all walked in and he immediately began shaking peoples hands and introducing himself. After everyone shook his hand we all sat down in which he started to talk to everyone. The worker who brought us in to the room told us he was tired and needed a rousing to get him talking. So he starts asking everyone how the were and everyone shyly (if thats a word) responded "good". He then pointed at me and said "So you like BBQ?" and thats when I felt the big spot light that is Bobby Flay starring right at me. I responded "Yeah, I like to smoke things." He said "Like what?" I responded "I like to cook ribs." He said "Have you tried Brisket?" I responded "Not yet." He said "Why not?" I responded "Everytime I see you cook it I get intimidated, it takes a long time and is alot of work." and he agreed.

After our conversation is when he began to sign the autographs and everything.

When I got up to him I let him know that my wife thanks him cause if it wasnt for him I'd still be overcooking things and he laughed. I also told him that it was birthday present from my wife at which he responded "that was nice, my wife usually gives me sweaters."

He signed my book "For Adam, Try Brisket Next! Bobby Flay."

I thought that was very cool, not many people got a personalized message like that.

Later on during his cooking show I was sitting front row center, he picked up a coconut, pointed to me and said "do you know how to open up a coconut?" and I did the motion of turning the coconut and banging it with the knife and said "you bang it!" and he said "you bang it? well hes right."

He cooked a curry shrimp and a ribeye steak, both of which from the front row smelled amazing.

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  1. Very nice! I saw Flay several years ago a restaurant show. My wife was thrilled.

    And I agree with him, try brisket next. :)