Sunday, February 28, 2010

Idols, Fails and Successes.

Hey Everyone!

Just had a few things on my mind after a long week of work. I just wanted to talk about Idols, Failures and successes (of the cooking type!).

My wife and I were in target the other day looking around and I found a really amazing deal I just had to pick up. It was a 2 back of DVDs that were Bobby Flays "Boy Meets Grill" and "Throwdown". 3 DVDs a piece, this is definitely a collection I would suggest to anyone looking to get a good culinary point of view on the grilling/barbecue front. Bobby is definitely one of my idols, I find his work amazing and his words of wisdom just the same. I love his approach to grilling and cooking as he often is willing to try cooking something he has never done before, much like myself (not that I could hold a candle to Bobby.

I wanted to bring up failure in the culinary aspect because its something I encountered last weekend. I have challenged a few good friends to a $25 buy in Rib off in the short future. I went to Sam's and picked up a 3 pack of pork ribs. I fell in love with the TLC series BBQ Pit masters and fell in love with the look, style, recipe, and all that good stuff of Triggs ribs, a brown sugar, honey, garlic powder, tiger sauce and butter BBQ sauce makes this ribs. I also tried 2 separate rubs, 1 cowtown rub, and 1 I honestly cannot remember, I believe it was Bad Byrons.

I will go ahead and admit I was simply not ready for this 'cue, I didn't have my apple sauce, I only wrapped the Trigg style ribs in foil, and I couldn't get my squeeze bottle to.. well squeeze! The only reason I went ahead with this cook was simply because the ribs were getting old and I didn't want that on my shoulders!

So I got my side fire box up to temp., got my hickory and cherry wood chunks soaking, got my music going, and prepared for a fun 'cue. After about 2 hours, I realized my squeeze bottle wasn't squeezing any more and my ribs were starting to dry out. I probably should have pulled them at that point and wrapped them in foil and covered them with butter, but I didn't, I just soldiered on, fully knowing the consequences.

Well, 6 hours later, I pulled my ribs, and as I expected they were dry enough to not be good "on the bone" ribs. I do have to say though, the Trigg style ribs that I wrapped in foil were out of this world, but I decided to go ahead and put the meat from all 3 racks in the food processor, chop it up, and save it for either Rib meat sandwiches, or to later put in some mean baked beans! I don't have many pictures from this sad 'cue, but I'll share with you what I have.

Oye vey! They did look delicious, and I will say I cannot wait to make some baked beans with the shredded rib meat.

Enough with the failures! Lets talk about the successes. As I was saying earlier, Bobby Flay is a huge inspiration to the way I grill. This next meal was greatly inspired by an episode of "Boy Meets Grill" where Bobby made a Indian inspired meal. 2 of these side items were loosely taken from this episode.

Cedar plank Salmon, Grilled Sweet Potato Chips, Coconut rice and an Italian Wedge Salad.

First off, I bought the Cedar plank in a 2 pack from Kroger for around 10 dollars, these can be used more than once, but I wouldn't suggest it, specially when cooking something like fish on it. Soak your plank for atleast an hour before throwing it on the grill. When you get ready to put the plank on the grill, preheat your grill to 350 and rest both sides of the plank on the grill for 5 minutes each side. After this step I turned my grill all the way up and threw the fish on the plank. Turned out amazing.

For the Grilled Sweet Potato Chips, I simply just cut a sweet potato into about half inch thick chips, covered them with olive oil and put them on the grill for about 5-6 minutes on each side depending on thickness. We dipped them in sour cream and I thought it was really good, I sprinkled some brown sugar on top of a few which was good as well.

The Coconut rice was probably my favorite of the sides, and maybe even of the meal. I picked up some Jasmin rice from the store, cooked it for about 8-10 minutes, then let it cool down. After everything was off the grill I put enough Coconut milk in to the rice to coat the rice, but not make it really soupy/milky. I also added in sweetened shredded coconut for crunch, and this was definitely a help, because there was no salt or pepper in the rice, and this gave it an amazing flavor needing no seasoning.

NOTE : As I mentioned above, I got a coconut, cut it in half and used it for presentation with this meal. Just to make sure everyone knows, the juice inside of a coconut is actually coconut water, not coconut milk.

The Wedge salad was decent, but definitely not what I've had at restaurants before. A Wedge salad is simply a head of lettuce cut into fourths, making a wedge shape. We put turkey bacon bits and croutons on ours.

Sorry I didn't catch anything on the grill guys, was working at a pretty fast pace, we were both hungry!

Heres the final product.

As I was uploading these photos I remembered I made a dessert! Grilled Pears with two different sauces, a chocolate and caramel sauce, and a lemon honey sauce. I do believe the lemon honey sauce was made for peaches and not pears, but the chocolate and caramel was amazing!

Ah, I love the successes so much more than the failures, but if it wasn't for the failures we wouldn't have the successes! You got to learn somehow.

Until next time,
Happy Grills!

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